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On this page I will be sharing some of my current researching goals, interests, locations, and surnames. If you see something that is familiar to you in your family history research please feel free to email me. I love meeting new cousins. 

My Maternal Grandfather's line includes the following direct line surnames and locations: Clippinger/Kleppinger, Stubbs, Taylor, Mendenhall, Roberts, Gifford, Armstrong, Wear, Search, Maddock, Conarroe, Johnson, Hobson, Whitson, Miller, Benson, Thomas, Dearmond, Everson, Hanger, Kaufman, Mills, Van Treese, Heckman, Schreiner, Tarham, and Jones. This side of my family consists of a large group of Quakers. They have lived mostly in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. This is my most actively researched line as I am currently involved in a descendency project detailing the descendants of Johann Georg Kleppinger.

My Maternal Grandmother's line includes the following direct line surnames and locations: Back/Bach, Elam, Davidson, Pugh, Bailey, Coffee, Deaton, Roberts, Robertson, Hoffman, King, Stacey, Cooley, and Raines. Most of this side of my family are from Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and Ohio.

My Current Maternal Descendency Study Surnames: Kleppinger/Clippinger, Stubbs, Taylor, Wear/Ware/Waer, Everson, Kaufman, Heckman, Schreiner, Best, Esch/Ash, Bohn/Boone/Boon, Cretsinger, Moore, Metheny, True, Ribble, Johnson, Jewell, Livingston, Custer, Kennedy, Myers/Meyers, Creveling, Laubach, Bailey, Thornburg, Burlingame, Siegfried, Belles, Edson, Cole, Davis, Ziegler, Vercoe, Musselman, Everitt/Everett, Smith, Brown, Hollinger, Sipes, Nichols, Edwards, Spangler, Holder, Hagen/Hagan, Fry, Rehrig, Solt, Santee, Buss, Webber, Oakes, Heckman, Rohn, Schnerr, Dieter, Anthony, Geogel, Laub, Kuntz, Radcliffe, Young, Dreisbach, Anewalt, Newell, McCausland, Christlieb, Funkhouser, Hoch, Rebuck, Traxler, Shearer, Gabler, Bowers, Koser, Eames, Knupp, Nickles, McCollough, Lytle/Little, Killian, Orcutt, Shulenberger, Swartz, Zook, Keefer, Hoover, Oyer, Crider, Mower, Einarsen, Riggs, Kumler,  Riedel, and Atherton just to name a few. 
This is by no means a complete list of surnames associated with this project. I have close to 8,000+ people associated with this project. A large portion of this family settled in Central and Eastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. Northampton, Lehigh, Chester, Berks, Bucks, Philadelphia, Luzerne, Dauphin, and Columbia Counties in Pennsylvania are all well represented in this project. This project represents every state at some point in history with the exception of New Mexico. For some reason I have yet to find any connections with New Mexico. The most often researched places would include: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, Florida, Nebraska, Texas, California, and Washington State.  

On my father's side I am researching the following surnames: Hoppes, Thorn/Thorne, Personette, Dickerson, Corder, Koger, Bell, and Gregory families. This family lived mostly in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. 

For my husband family I am researching: Martin, Olry, Serovey/Sirovi, Indruh, Carmichael, Disler, Hollinger, Basham, Ford, and Marshall. His family mostly lived in Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. His paternal grandmother's family is from the former Czech Republic area. I have done very little research on this side of the family. 

My main brick wall is my husband's Martin line. Any help on this line would be greatly appreciated. Jacob L. Martin is my husband's 3rd Great Grandfather. He seems to just fall from the sky into Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1862 in time for his wedding. The only information about his life before his marriage to Phoebe Disler is one sentence written in a newspaper article about his death stating that he came to Allen County, Indiana from Stark County, Ohio as a young boy. I have yet to find any proof of his existence in Stark County, Ohio, or his migration to Fort Wayne, Indiana. 
Family View for Jacob L. Martin.

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