Saturday, May 9, 2015

Silly Saturdays! :)

I think for today I am going to try and lighten the mood a bit. I was mistaken a bit in a previous post. I always thought my great-grandfather Edgar Koger was a quiet and serious man. At least that is the image my 6 year old brain cooked up. But boy was I wrong. I was going through the collection of pictures that I received around Christmas time this past year and came across a few pictures that my great-uncle Ralph took or was in. They were wonderful. My uncle Ralph only lived 25 years, but in those years he did so much. He fought in the military and traveled the world. He was an airplane mechanic during the Korean war. 

Out of all the pictures in this collection a few stuck out because they were a little odd. Someone was doing something silly in each of them. So here they are. 

Photo of Ralph Koger and His Pit Crew. Take Circa 1951-1952.
Courtesy of author's own collection.

This first picture is a large print that was taken of Ralph and his crew buddies while in the Air Force. He enlisted in the Air Force on March 13, 1951. He was stationed first at Sheppard Air Field in Wichita Falls, Texas. He was transferred to Tucson, Arizona on January 2, 1952. While stationed at both locations his parents went to visit him. These following are pictures that were taken while on these two trips. 

Koger Family Circa 1952.
Courtesy of author's own collection.

Grandpa Koger Picking His Nose.
Courtesy of author's own collection.

Grandpa Koger Acting Silly.
Courtesy of author's own collection.

While stationed in Arizona Ralph and his parents decided to take a side trip to Mexico where they saw a bull fight. 

Bull Fight in Mexico.
Courtesy of author's own collection.

Photo of the Koger Family Circa 1952.
Courtesy of author's own collection.

Ralph Koger and his crew flew to England and Northern Africa during the Korean War. He was in England during the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June of 1952.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the funny pictures I have run across lately in going through my great grandmother's photo albums. Have a great weekend and Mother's Day!

To view full size of any of the included pictures just click on the picture and it will show the image in its original size. 

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