Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Travel Tuesday

I had never realized how much my great-grandparents traveled until I started going through Grandma Koger's photo albums recently. I found pictures from all over the US and a few foreign countries. On a trip to Arizona in September of 1952 to visit their son, Ralph, my great-grandparents took a trip to Mexico. Here are a few photos that I found that were taken in Nogales, Mexico and made into postcards.

Grandma Koger in Mexico
Grandpa Koger in Mexico

My Great-Grandparents while in Mexico in 1952

My great-grandmother, Ina Koger, also traveled to the Holy Land a couple of times.  Most of the photos taken on her trips were put into a sticky photo album and they can not be removed without damaging them. The following are a few postcards she purchased while on her trips.
Postcard of the Palace of Knossos on the Isle of Crete.
Postcard from Corinth

Postcard from Jericho

Postcard from Rhodes

Postcard Overlooking Jerusalem

All Pictures are courtesy of the author's collection. 

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